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Terms & Conditions

Acceptable Use Policy & Privacy Policy


The individual or a company contact information set out in our records as a primary/billing contacts will be the owner of the account.

Terms of agreement

All the terms and policies written here are immediately agreed at the time of placing and/or modifying the order.

Payments & Refund

Order creation payment is required before provisioning any services like domain registrations and hosting accounts.

On the renewal, invoice is sent 10 days prior to the renewal date and is required to be paid before or on the due date. If the invoice is overdue for more than 5 days, we (at adorable hosting) reserve right to suspend/terminate the services

We provide full refund on new orders for 7 days. If your order comes with the free domain registration, we will deduct the domain registration amount from the final refund amount. The reason behind this is that the domain is registered via third party and we can't issue a refund for the same. However, you will continue to be the owner of that domain in question.

If we receive billing disputes or charge backs, we will immediately terminate the orders or take the ownership of the domains under the account.

Acceptable Use Policy

We reserve right to suspend/terminate any services that we believe, are not in accordance with the normal practice.

Resource Limits on shared hosting & reseller hosting

  1. Per cPanel account, we allow only limited emails per hour (all excess messages will be discarded and not delivered). To know the exact limit, kindly refer the hosting package in detail. (limit ranges from 25 emails per hour to 200 emails per hour depending on the package you are subscribed to)
  2. PHP memory limit is 256 MB
  3. PHP Upload limit is 8 MB
  4. Maximum CPU usage allowed per cpanel account is 10%

If your website requires higher resources, we suggest to get a or cloud server or you can contact us to get a perfect solution.

Server Uptime

We offer 99.95% uptime assurance. But, in some cases, we may require periodic maintenance such as software updates, hardware upgrades, etc. These cases may cause little downtime which we generally take care during midnight.

Website Contents

You must own the content on your website. It is your responsibility to make sure that your content is yours and you hold the copyright if required. We don't allow the hosting of illegal services, porn websites, hatred videos, copyrighted songs/videos or any material which don't abide by domestic or international laws. In case of any complaints, account/website owner is responsible and we reserve right to terminate the service in question.

Privacy Policy

Information we collect from you

We collect your contact information such as full name, company name, email address, physical address, phone number and so on. These details are required and may be sent to the third party service provider in order to provision the service for you (example, for the domain registration, these details are sent over to the domain registration provider).

Sharing of your information

As described below, we only share a needed information with :

  1. our company staff who will help you with the service and support
  2. our partner and upstream service providers
  3. authorized people of your organization
  4. in connection with corporate restructuring, merger, sale, acquisition.
  5. legal authority (if proper legal documentation is provided)

Updated July 24, 2018